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It’s not our style to boast. Some of our clients prefer to remain anonymous. Others were pleased to provide feedback:

“A+ Web Services has been managing my law firm’s website for nearly two years now. They initially created my website as well. Due to their efforts, my website has become more user-friendly, has generated more web traffic, and this has led to client conversions. Both Ash and Stephen are very easy to work with, respond promptly to any inquiries, and have a wealth of knowledge. They have provided useful tips that have boosted my traffic, such as installing chat service on my website and making my website mobile-friendly. I would recommend A+ Web Services to anybody looking for cost-effective website development and maintenance.” ~ S. Parikh, Esq., Beverly Hills, California-based  Real Estate, Business, Employment, & Entertainment Attorney

“You are a pleasure to work with. Ash is great in technology and Stephen is great as a writer and conceptualizer. We are well-served by having you manage our online presence and helping shape our message. Thanks for accepting us as a client.” ~  R. Idnani, CEO, Sedona, Arizona-based Hotelier

“A+ Web Services is the knowledgeable firm to have in your corner when seeking to build your law practice and promote your legal services online and with social media. They are A+ in both technical and media production.” ~  L. Kienitz, Esq., Tustin, California-based Tax Law Attorney

“Having taken one of Dr. Pahwa’s Web Analytics courses at UC-Irvine, I was thoroughly impressed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge. My practice focuses heavily on jury trials, so I found it difficult to put aside any time for marketing. With the help of A+ Web Services, I came to understand the power of web marketing—where strategic, focused steps could lead to great results in developing ideal client referrals. A+ Web Services is the best service you can get for Legal websites.” ~  B. Kaspero, Esq., Irvine, California-based Criminal Law Attorney


Dr. Ash Pahwa has taught the art and science of Website Optimization and Analytics at UCI and UCLA. Some of his students offered feedback:

“I have learned many new things such as SEO strategies, how to solve complex SEO issues, tactics, tools and concepts, which I am planning to present to my senior management and also, planning to implement after their approval. I completely recommend this course to my colleges and friends.” ~  A. Raza

“I particularly enjoyed this lecture, the topic of which is something we frequently wrestle with at my current company. A lot of interesting info.” ~  M. Graff

“Thanks for the informative power point presentations on SEO. It has increased my knowledge and opened my eyes and mind to the vast marketing opportunities on the web. Before taking your class, I was so ignorant of how to design a website for optimal search results based on relevant keywords, links, and indexing etc. Now I feel more confident communicating with external ad agencies to improve leads and generate sales for companies I represent.” ~  G. Nakamura

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. I am a web designer for a company that provides template based websites for over 1000 auto repair shops. The templates were originally created by the engineers and do not meet most of the basic SEO techniques that you have taught us, such as having keywords in the title tags, site maps, and other HTML elements.” ~  K. Kusaba