Internet Marketing

Websites are generally the key communication medium between customer and the vendor. Moreover, interactive marketing—where prospective customers are actively engaged via blogs, wiki and message boards—is the norm. Businesses that don’t understand this paradigm shift risk failure.

Leading-edge marketers like Amazon and eBay use Social Marketing techniques to harvest feedback on the products their customers have purchased and their degree of satisfaction with the service they have received from the vendor. Prospective customers rely on this feedback when making their buying decisions thus increasing the web site owner’s sales and profitability.

One of the best ways to increase sales is by converting your customers into sales people. Effective use of Social Media tools can help accomplish this. A new term has been added to the dictionary that defines this phenomenon—“Viral Marketing.” Viral Marketing spreads your ideas through cyberspace—rather like a virus spreads across networks. Social Media Marketing is a benign form of viral marketing. Instead of wreaking havoc like an actual virus, it spreads your message about your goods and services.

Social Media
We will create corporate accounts on Facebook, Twitter, or other relevant social media sites. Next, we will build an interface from your website to your Social Media marketing accounts. These interfaces will increase the likelihood that your customers will interact with you and increase your understanding of them. All of this helps enhance your sales and profitability.

Blogs are Press Releases without the scrutiny and filtering of traditional media. Moreover, blogs provide continuous feedback from your active customers. We will help you start your blog and provide copy to keep the blog running. We will reach your customers and encourage them to subscribe to your blog. Blogs offer greater immediacy than traditional press releases.

Wiki & Message Boards
Wiki allows creation of a live document with many authors. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, is the most successful example of Wiki. Message boards allow people to communicate with each other using threads where a topic can be discussed in depth. Message boards will allow your customers not only to communicate with your business but also with each other. We will create Wiki pages and Message Boards for you to create “buzz” about your products and services. It’s also a cost-effective way to improve communication with your customers.

People often prefer to view videos rather than read text on the web site. Video can communicate your ideas more efficiently than text. We can create video clips of your goods/services and upload them to the appropriate web locations. Your customers will be able to view the video by simply clicking a link in your website.