Analytics & Adwords

Websites can record each and every action taken by a visitor. Every mouse click and keystroke is noted. These data can make it possible to understand and (ultimately) predict the visitor’s behavior. Web Analytics analyzes these data and helps useful conclusions to be drawn for maximizing website traffic and conversion rates. As such, Analytics has become an essential tool.

The Google search engine supports a free application called Google Analytics (GA) which allows the insertion of links provided by Google in every website page. Once these links are inserted, GA can remotely monitor the web site and collect all the necessary data from it. We will work with your web site hosting company and enable the Web Analytics capabilities. Next, we will embed Google links in your web pages and monitor the visits. Then, we will generate reports to provide you with insights about those who visit your site. This deeper understanding of your customer requirements and behavior will enable you to manage your business more effectively.

The information available when someone visits a web site is comprehensive, including:

  • The date and time the visitor came/left the web site.
  • The length of time the visitor stayed on the landing page.
  • The amount of information the visitor read by scrolling down the page.
  • The internal links the visitor selected to jump to another page.
  • The external link the visitor selected to leave the web site.
  • The amount of time spent on each page visited.
  • Whether the visitor came to web site for the first time or has visited previously.
  • The number of individual visitors that have visited the web site in a given amount of time.
  • The average time interval between the individual visitor’s visits to the Web Site.
  • The web site pages most/least visited.
  • The web site pages where visitors spend most/least amount of time.
  • The set of pages visitors visit before they jump to the ‘check out’ page.
  • The visitors’ geographic location.
  • The language the visitor’s browser has been set to operate in.

One aspect of search engine marketing campaign is the selection of keywords appropriate to your business. “Hot” AdWords words may generate higher traffic but they may also drain your budget. If you are unprepared for high volume traffic, you could be overwhelmed by AdWords that are too “hot.” Selection is something of an art form. We’ll work closely with you to understand your requirements and then match the AdWords appropriate to your unique needs.