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Times Change

When the internet was new, the inclination was to place as much information as possible on the website. The more content…the merrier, as it were. Site holders and developers worked hard to cram as much material as possible into the website.

Those days are gone. The technology has matured. Website visitors are sophisticated and have less time (or patience) than ever to locate what they seek. Moreover, a large percentage of internet users were born after the internet became reality. Many have scant recollection of early website design concepts and internet marketing ideas.

The trend is toward minimalism. Content redundancy is seen as a liability in our fast-paced information age. Websites that are concise and efficient to navigate are the most successful. There is so much website content online that very little of it actually gets read–or ever will be read. We at A+ Web Services recognize this. More than ever, the “less is more” principle applies to website content.

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