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Free Websites Are Costly

There are many companies marketing “free” websites. This can be as misleading as it is enticing. For some, a basic website may be sufficient. For most commercial entities—certainly those in professional services or those with e-commerce needs—this such offers quickly lose their luster.

One prominent and heavily-promoted “free website” vendor will indeed build it for free. But, it’s limited to 5 pages and does not include maintenance. The costs quickly mount: $115/month to maintain the site; $100/month for rotating banner images; $200/month for a 15-page site; considerably more for an e-commerce capability; and so on.

Common sense dictates that no one can survive offering free websites. And, no one can ensure you’ll always be at the top of a search engine results page—whatever they may promise. Moreover, a website’s efficacy is driven more by what’s not seen, that what is. Optimization and analytics are not necessarily visible to the visitor, but are critical to your ability to attract the right traffic and maximize your visitor-to-client/customer conversion rate.

You have choices. You can do it in-house (if you have the time and expertise), you can settle for a simple template-based website, or you can entrust your internet footprint to A+ Web Services. Co-founder Dr. Ash Pahwa teaches the technologies at UCI, UCLA, and Chapman University we utilize on your behalf. We’ll provide a competitive and surprisingly affordable solution for you.